How Old Is TOO Old for...

…Boy Bands??  I was driving to work and the Jonas Brothers came on to one of my favorite stations, 107.9 The End and I’m sitting there really enjoying myself.  Then I start to think about their popularity with the tweens, screaming and crying their eyes out for these young boys.

I’m 25 and I will NOT be crying over any boy band.  Although, I’m proud to say I’ve actually never done that.  But am I too old??  I mean first it was New Kids on the Block and then 98 degrees (N*Sync for most other girls my age) and now these Jonas Brothers.  Although I’m totally out of touch with the craze these boys have created, is it appropriate for me to be listening. 

Can I listen to the next boy band 10-30 years from now or is that just not okay?  One of those old ladies whose trying to pretend like they’re 20 something?  When is the cut off because I feel foolish now, but I love my mindless pop.