The much anticipated Blackberry Storm just came out from Verizon, according to Reuters more than 200 people stood in line at a Manhattan location. I’m not waiting in line for a Storm, rather I’ll wait patiently till the dust settles to get my hands on one of these hyped long awaited crackberrys. In all seriousness, this is one of the few gadgets I think compares in specs to the iPhone. The reviews have come out and though they aren’t as positive as what I had initially expected, I’m still interested in seeing Blackberry’s interpretation of the touch screen.

Here’s a review of the Blackberry Storm from Gloria (a reader who’s been an avid follower of the news for quite some time):

“After reading endless reviews, seeing videos of it, following it for over six months now, with much anticipation, i just went to test one out. i spent a good 25 min on it. the clickable interface can have advantages and disadvantages. the advantages are obvious (less error, more accuracy). the disadvantages, however, is that this clicking makes this a bit more slow and there is a delay. here’s a mini review:

-look: all the reviews were right. the phone is strikingly beautiful. the design and glass interface look great. 9.5/10

-typing: i spent about 10 min on this, since this is the biggest deal breaker for me. it’s WORLDS better than the iphone, but it’s just not perfect enough yet. you have to wait until the click releases on the letter until you can go to the next one. it’s not BAD, but it’s not the best either. i know for me, personally, i cannot type faster on this than my curve, but i feel it is something people can get used to. 7/10

-internet: i really liked the navigation of the internet. i like how you can click on it and it becomes bigger (but i don’t like how you have to click the zoom to make it smaller). it’s visually pleasing and the accelerometer is so much appreciated for this. 8.5/10

-video: again, the accelerometer makes viewing videos wonderful. the picture was clear and the sound sounded ok. this is a big plus and a HUGE step up from the curve. 9.5/10

-navigating/scrolling: this is horrible. i am so disappointed in this. from the main screen to going to the next page of apps is awful. it’s awkward and just too goddamn slow. i felt like the phone was confused and thinking too hard. when i went to look at pictures, it froze for a while and then when i flicked my finger from picture to picture, it was terribly slow that i finally got fed up and quit the pictures application and then it froze it even more. the guy next to me told me there was a sensitivity setting..i didn’t get that far yet though. i really love the slickness of navigating on the iphone. that’s probably the best thing i love about the iphone. 4/10 

I believe RIM was rushed by Verizon to get these out fast so they didn’t get to fix some minor bugs that would’ve made a world of difference. the OS is just god awful slow. it was a huge turn off. i heard there were going to be updates soon though. we’ll see.”

I’m a Blackberry girl at heart and all the new ones out have my interests peaked.  I thought I re-share this with you.  A real life review.




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