Then I got received this email:

From: Malia Unholz
To: Myself, Simone, Kaila etc.
Date: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 01:06 pm
Subject:RE: Brit in Sac April 11th!!!!

I am getting mixed responses. Some girls want the cheaper tickets and dinner/drinks and others want more expensive tickets and drinks/dinner, maybe appetizers.

(Kyle forward to Diana, and any other die hard Britney fans that will bust out in a dance or two)

Take a vote. Would you rather:

A) Go to dinner/drinks and get cheaper tickets…think about $60-$80 (I have not priced them yet but will be about this much with ALL the fee’s)

B) Go Big Or Go Home Approach….Dinner/Appetizers, Drinks before, transportation there and the $113 for next up from lower level or $148 tickets for lower level, and we may never get another come back tour!! Think Upgraded SATC!!

C) Expensive Tickets and Appetizers and drinks at one girls home, which we will all pitch in for.

D) Cheap and Cheaper…Mcdonalds and vodka sodas while in the parking lot at Arco, and Nose Bleed seats. If I get this as an answer you may be uninvited…HAHA

Email me your vote, and we can begin planning from there!!

Love Malia

I love how Malia gets down to business and reigns us all in!




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