Moving Home in your 20s... I'm not admitting defeat.

My Mom told me in the midst of our discussion following my asking to move home to “not feel like this is a setback”.  Ugh!  That hadn’t even occurred to me until that point.  I’d actually like to place the blame on everyone of my girlfriends now officially living with their significant others.  I mean we are all about to OR passing our “mid twenties” so yay for them.  Bad for me.

So I’m venturing into uncharted waters here.  When I left I was 19 (I think) and despite being in college they still we’re telling me very much what to do.  Hell, they still tell me what to do.  (Not that this is a bad thing, I need a lot of hand holding.)  So this month Oscar and I will be packing up our bags… He’ll be packing up his crate… and heading back to my childhood home.

Should you be worried for me?



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