Vaca-y Update: Camarillo

Vaca-y is going well, EXCEPT I think I’m getting sick :(  Let’s hope this passes quickly.

I’ve been mucho busy despite being on “vacation”.  While I’m down here I’ve made contact with the local cosmetology academy, Lu Ross.  If I move down here to be with Eloy in March then the plan is for me to start school to become an esthetician.  So after several emails back and forth with their admissions director, Debbie, I’m going to pick up an information packet today.  As soon as my first attempt from my new BAKEbook comes out of the oven.  I’ll be posting the recipe and pictures on my other blog soon.

Anyways, I’ve taken care of the school thing, as well as tracked down information on low cost neutering for Oscar.  $40 at the SPCA!  Now I just need to figure out when to make an appointment.  Is this going to knock him on his ass for ??? how long?

After all the necessary errands are done I hope to treat myself over at the GINORMOUS outlets here in Camarillo.




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