Leah (aka Officed aka The Nutritionista) and I have decided that we’re creating a SOCIETY in order to add our two cents (and a dose of reality) to competitors’ sites.  She, obviously, has her stake in the healthy lifestyle aspect of things, and I have decided to take it upon myself to devote my second blog to the attention whore aspect of Society.  Sike, I’ll just talk about sex stuff and dating and friendship and be like your internet best friend.  

The thing is, we need a third – or maybe even fourth and fifth – to join us and just kind of do your thing.  It can be about whatever you want.  Do you love making your apartment pretty on the cheap?  Perfect.  Do you love music and want to share your finds with everyone?  That’s good too.  Because lets face it, we’re not all from rich families, we don’t have people giving us free stuff to shill their products.  We’re lucid members of Normal Society, and we’d like for you to join us.

Attention Everyone- this has already been done…We call ourselves NON SOBRIETY…and we have a radio show, and an amazing site to launch this Friday…

Until now, you can check out our celebrity gossip blog here…(contributed to by awesome Tumblrs)

Non Sobriety is a social group brought to you by: Urbanredneck, RealRealSoft, and BlocksonBlox.

Check us out! Our radio show launches on Friday where you’ll be able to call in, talk to us, and talk about life.

As far as I can tell, the more competition to Non-Society there is, the BETTER. So do your thing, ladies.

We’re not really trying to be competition…just trying to be real:) Which is what their site lacks.

Anyhow:) Good luck to you guys!

Who the hell cares?  I think if it’s something you want to do then that sounds great!  NOTHING in this world is original anymore anyways…




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