I’m starting to think about Valentine’s Day and possibly going down to Southern California to spend it with Eloy.  Starting googling things on my blackberry and came across an affordable set menu at a place call the The Sidecar Restaurant.

So I yelped it (you should know what this means) and came across this absurd review.  This guy sounds like a moron and I hope this was intentional.

Went here in November for a Sunday breakfast with my beautiful wife.  We just saw the ad in one of those townie-type magazines you always find in a hotel room.  We thought it looked pretty interesting and the sample menu seemed intriguing so we figured “What the hay, let’s try it out!”

The place is very much like a train dining car with some very warm and retro decor.  Very tasteful.  We could tell that it had the potential to be a very romantic place for dinner.

So breakfast was radtastic!  My wife ordered a Omelette with Spinach and Cheese.  Pretty standard, right?  Turned out to be pretty darned tootin’ good!  I wound up ordering some pancakes and home-style potatoes.  Dudes, the pancakes were without a doubt the greatest pancakes I have ever tasted.  Ever.

I was mmming like I had duct tape over my mouth.  After my soul mate had couple of bites of the flapjacks and I saw her eyes get big and she took another monster bite, she agreed that they were the BEST pancakes EVER!

Go there for breakfast, get the stack of flapjacks and enjoy every savory bite!  Fun times eating!




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