So, Randi & I are in the thick of trying to plan our BiCoastal Birthday Bash, which will benefit an incredible charity we learned about in Davos called Women for Women - (we’re asking all guests to donate a small amount of money in lieu of presents or buying drinks).

What we’ve yet to settle on:

  • LOCATION. I don’t know how many people we’re expecting, but it will be at least 100 over the course of an evening.  We need locations in both SF (Feb 27th) and NY (Feb 28th).  Any suggestions are welcome!  We also are thinking of having a friend’s band play, although that hasn’t been settled upon as of yet.
  • THEME.  I like to have people dress up, I think that’s more fun … but my ideas - royalty or Gossip Girl - just seem … out of step with the current economy.  What are your thoughts on this?  I don’t expect people to rent costumes, I just like them to get out of their everyday rut.  What might an appropriate theme be?

I’m actively soliciting your advice here.  Please email me with thoughts!  Julia@NonSociety.com

My girl Kaila and I are trying to plan how we can meet up with Miss JA while on her Birthday tour.  We live very close to SF and we think we’re pretty fabulous that JA will be able to see that through a well thought out email with picture attachment.  (We don’t want her to think we’re creeps.)

Wouldn’t that be so great to share a cupcake with your most favorite blogger?  Get a picture?  We’ll let you know how that turns out. :)




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