Haha!  I’d be happy to.

Julia Allison is your real life Carrie Bradshaw.  She’s a writer in New York City, regularly writing articles as a relationship “guru” for Time Out New York.  She also has written for the likes of Cosmopolitan and Star.  (I can’t wait for her upcoming “wife fluffers” article.)

The longer I’ve been on Tumblr, I’ve seen that this little community is very divided on the topic.  You either love her or you hate her.  I’ve only been reading her blog for a little over a year and in this time she’s really “made it”.  She was on the cover of Wired a few months, with a big spread about marketing yourself through the internet and the blogging world.  In the last year I would agree that her blogging style has change, maybe it’s a little more “commercialized”, but she’s blogging to make a living now.  Not just pleasure.

I think why so many people love her is because she can be so relatable.  She suffers broken hearts, haters, she talks about things like textettiqute, she loves to dress up and she has an adorable puppy.  It’s kind of like the guilty pleasure of reality television, but on the internet.  In a place where I can check it all day from my Blackberry from work :)

Now I must get back to “work”.  Hope that helps some.




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