I have a lot going on this week already… I didn’t even realize it, but then all of a sudden I realized I have something going on every day until Sunday!  Actually now, I have a standing walking date with Kaila and Simone so technically I have something going everyday till next week!

Tuesday: “Date Night” with Mark, we moved things to Tuesday because of my plans with Kaila on Thursday

Wednesday: Traveling to Burlingame at the CRACK of dawn for training (for work).  I’m sure I’ll be driving back in the thick of traffic, hopefully making it in time for my dinner date with Teresa.

Thursday: Kaila and I are going to “stumble” upon Banderas at what happens to be singles night??  At least, that’s what we’ve heard.

Friday: Baking a yet to be decided fabby dessert for my Mom and then enjoying my evening home alone. *Update: I think I’ve decided to bake s’more bars.

Saturday: Pub crawl downtown with Kaila and her girlfriends I have yet to really meet. Excited to spend a drunken evening with old friends and new.

Sunday: Walk to be bikini ready in 90 days with Kaila, Simone and Oscar! :)

Oh to be social…  So hard to be me.




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