High School BFFs

What is it about being friends with a high school best friend that brings out a sense of childish competitiveness and “high school antics”?  I swear there is something about being friends with someone from high school into your adult years that always brings you back.  Brings you back to your worst.

I have multiple friends that still have one remaining close high school friend and they’re always on their worst behavior around each other.  I’m no exception with mine, being around her I still feel a little bit inferior.  I don’t want to compete or keep up anymore, but I’m always feel like HER best friend when she’s around and not like it’s a mutual undergoing.  Does that make sense?

The outsider of the H.S.-BFF duo never seems to quite understand the conflict or what it really means to these two other than relating it to their own situation.  I always feel like what’s the big deal? Maybe their argument seems ridiculous, but in the back of my mind I know I’ve been just as guilty.

Are we meant to stay friends with these people or should the past stay where it belongs? Do we need to move on or is it something that grounds us and reminds us where we came from?  Maybe I’m over thinking it, maybe I’m just being silly.




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