Yesterday was the best lazy afternoon/evening.  I bummed around with my Mom and sister and we watched two movies.  The one above, Priceless, was fantastic!  It’s French with subtitles, but don’t let that deter you!

Directed by Pierre Salvadori, this delightful French comedy features AMELIE star Audrey Tautou and the charming Gad Elmaleh (THE VALET). Jean (Elmaleh) is a hardworking employee at one of southern France’s elite resort hotels. He is known for his excellent work ethic, but that changes after a chance encounter with sexy hotel guest Irene (Tautou). Bored with her wealthy and much older boyfriend/benefactor, Irene is looking for some excitement. She finds it with Jean, whom she believes to be another guest at the hotel. When she discovers that he is merely an employee there, she is furious, and wants nothing more to do with him. Jean tries to rekindle their affair, but Irene lets him know that she is only interested in men with money—lots and lots of money. Jean is broke and brokenhearted, until he crosses paths with another hotel guest—this one an older woman of considerable means. He soon finds himself living the high life alongside Irene and her own rich patron. But Jean is far more interested in romance than in riches, and the glitzy fun and games quickly come to a head. The film makes the most of its dazzling location, luxuriating in the wealth and beauty of the French Riviera. The story obviously owes a firm tip of the hat to BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’s, and indeed Tautou’s effortless grace and style do bring to mind Ms. Hepburn. In the hands of less skilled actors, the plot could have felt a bit flimsy, but Tautou and Elmaleh are so engaging, one can’t help but root for them and their romantic hijinks.

If you love romantic comedies then you can’t not love this movie.  Go rent it now!  If you do watch it, let me know what you think.  If you love it, then my sister recommends The Valet.  She swears she laughed a lot more and that Gad Elmaleh plays a similar, lovable character.

Oh, the second movie we watched?  Body of Lies.  Boring and slow.  Do not recommend.




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