Online Stalker(s)?

It has recently been brought to my attention that someone who I wouldn’t mind seeing being hit by a bus is watching my Twitter account.  It might considered weird by some for me to bring it up since it is a public site and I don’t have my account locked, but if you don’t have an account yourself and you’re reading people’s tweets, people who don’t call you their friend… well then I think you’re a bit of a creeper.

If you’re reading my Twitter timeline then that probably means you and maybe someone else has caught on to my blogs.  Which means, you may or may not be reading this. Again, I don’t have these blogs private, but seriously… if you are?  MOVE ON.

I’m in a happier place and maybe you should try to find that happy place for yourself. Whether it be together or separate, I don’t care.  I guarantee you won’t find that happy place if you’re obsessing over my life.




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