MySpace & I broke up on Wednesday

So I’ve been on hiatus for the last month, ever since the break-up.. I haven’t been on MySpace or Facebook for a whole four weeks?!  I know, insanity to some.

We all know that those sites are like the ultimate hub for drama and I wanted this break-up to be as clean as possible.  I didn’t want to turn right around and delete as a friend and send the wrong message like there were hateful feelings.  I also didn’t want to risk the temptation to check in on him or his “best friend”… that’s a girl!  I’m quite confident their “in a relationship” is just down the road.

To celebrate my one month anniversary of being single I thought I’d make the return to these two sites, delete him from my friends list and continue on…  He made it easy, having already deleted me!  SEE?  Drama.  It completely irritated the shit out of me that he thought he was so bad ass and already deleted me.  Why in the hell was I irritated, I was signing on with the sole purpose of deleting him.  I mean I was the one that broke it off (twice) so why not give him that?  haha Of course, we (Simone and I) double checked to make sure he hadn’t deleted his account.  Nope.  Then I noticed, UGH, he’s so much better looking than he was two years ago!  Why do I keep grooming these men so that some other girl can reap in the benefits of my hard work?!

I’m getting off subject.  Girlfriend fluffer for another day.

I had been toying with the idea of deleting MySpace because all the best stuff was happening over on Facebook anyways.  Both my sisters have Facebook, it’s very private and it’s a lot cleaner set up.  Now that I was fueled by my annoyance the decision was made!

I deleted my MySpace account.

Really, I’m pretty much in love with my two blogs and I don’t need these sites anymore. For those of my friends that aren’t on the blogging scene it’s nice to keep up with them on Facebook.

What do you think?  Aren’t you proud of me??




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