A little announcement


Hello there NonSociety readers … So, as some of you may have already noticed, Miss Mary just launched a brand new site, MoreThanMary. (I love the name, btw.)

We had a ton of fun with her as 1/3 as NonSociety, but as Mary’s pursuits will be keeping her away from New York for long periods of time, it just wasn’t practical to run a business together from the other side of the country.

Mary will continue to be a part of TMIweekly, although, because of the distance, we’ll be introducing a new format of breakout episodes, where we each do our own thing (Meghan with tech, Mary with style, and me interviewing fun personalities) to supplement the group eps we tape.

Both Meghan and I love and support Mary just as much as we always have, and although we’ll miss her very much, we can’t wait to see where her new adventures take her!  Not to mention, we’re only a plane ride (or a reblog) away.

On that note: NonSociety was never meant to be just the three of us - and Meghan & I will be bringing the first set of contributors on board this May.  We have some really incredible people already, but we’re always looking for additional interested (interesting!) people from ALL walks of life to contribute to NonSociety. If you know somebody who would be a good fit, please email nominate@nonsociety.com!

:) We love you, Mary!  Good luck!!  :)


WOW. WOW. WOW. Kaila and I have been speculating this since we crashed Julia’s birthday in SF.

Now we’re arguing about nominating one another to be a contributer. As if we’d ever be selected. The conversation has pretty much gone as follows:

Me: I should totally nominate you to be a contributor.
Kaila: um you would be way better




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