A certain hotbitch* I know, who also has a major influence on my life! has decided to come out of hiding and share her tumblr with THE WORLD!

I’m saying it like it’s a big deal because really, IT IS! You should really start following her because if you like me, you’ll love her.  She so much smarter and prettier than I am. All these great things I do; like crashing Julia Allison’s birthday or dressing up like Britney Spears?  She is there every step of the way.  Actually she’s there, shoving me out of the way so she can get to JA first!  haha! JUST KIDDING LALA!

“If you stumble across this- let me indulge you. This is my escape hatch. Feel free to run barefoot here.”

How could you not love her?  She encourages dressing up or dressing down.  Wearing the hottest outfit to make you feel amazing or being a bum over Peet’s and crude girl talk. Thank gawd Simone majored in COMS so that we could all be together :)

So keep an eye on us because we’re some badass hipsters!

*Kaila thinks hotbitch needs to be all one word.




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