I found out today that my recent jump in followers was due to a nasty tumblr called Unfollow Friday.

For those who are mean and want to partake in something more mean spirited than a simple “unfollow” a person can post a tumblr they want others to unfollow.  They have the chance to write how they feel and then others can add their comments as well.


My thoughts are as follows; YOU were the one that followed ME.  I didn’t seek you out, hold a gun to your head and MAKE you follow me so WHY are you bitter and angry?  I don’t really understand.

The upside?  I gained more followers because as the emailer told me, people actually like Julia Allison.  Maaaybe all these new followers just plan on dumping me on Friday, that has crossed my mind.  That would bring the mean spirited behavior to a whole new level and this is coming from a self-proclaimed bitch.

I’ve also enjoyed reading the comments that have been added.  Two so far and neither one appears to hate me or my idol, Julia Allison.  Maybe I should add something on to one of the sidebars:

Disclaimer: if you hate Julia Allison then STOP reading because the people in this blog LOVE her.

I don’t claim to be Julia Allison, I just have a silly little girl crush on her.  The same way I love Cher from Clueless, Britney, then and now (although I could skip the whole K-Fed era) and recently, Blair from Gossip Girl.  I’m sure there are others who feel the same and that’s what the followers in the top right corner of my dashboard tell me. Thank you to those who are following and reading for the purpose that we’re here for, fun and common interests.  I don’t reblog too often, I try to give more of me and I’m not sorry if that’s offensive to you.

I like to play dress up, I love to bake, hang out with friends and family and I’ve become deeply in touch with my girly side the last couple years.  I’m human, I make mistakes, some intentional and others accidental.  I have secrets, some big and some small. Some that may surprise people because I AM a glutton for gossip and they probably think I have a big mouth.  This is me.  This is where I like to vent about… everything. I like love to share my day to day.  This is my blog so I think I’m entitled to do so.

Again, you followed me.




P.S. it’s spelled WANNABE.




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