I would have to say that generally fashion is for women.  Things that are super trendy or “IN” are lost on men.  If you’re out wearing the latest accessories, more than likely it will be the women in the room that take notice and enjoy your look.  I think men tend to be more in tune with the way your jeans make your butt look or how your shirt drapes around your décolletage.

I remember one time myself and a guy, possibly a boyfriend, trying to help my wifey get ready for a date.  She came in and out, in and out and at the very end, his opinion was to take off her chunky jewelry.  That might still be considered in fashion now and I remember liking it, but he said no.  He didn’t like it.

She wore it anyways.

It seems the latest trend of wearing headbands and headpieces are not lost on the male species.  I have really got into wearing headbands because they are a) so cheap and b) I like that extra something in my straight hair.  I have mentioned before that I work in a male dominated work environment, things are not lost on these men.  They are critical, observant and very opinionated.  I have received numerous positive comments each time I wear something in my hair. Not just from coworkers, but customers as well.  Telling me it’s cute, nice, pretty or appreciating how it coordinates with my top.  Even as I sit at my desk typing this I have had THREE coworkers motion to their own head and say nice, I like it.

So my suggestion is, hit up your local Forever 21 or Claire’s and invest in some hair-ware.  People will take notice.




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