Literally, Genevieve Clare

*Disclaimer:  Genevieve, if you read this let me first state for the record that I’m not a crazy tumblr stalker.  I just think you’re pretty badass and want to share how much you’ve made me laugh at work the last two days.*

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing I had a new follower.


I clicked and had the opportunity to “meet” Genevieve.  This girl is insanely hysterical. So hysterical that I spent the majority of my workday reading through her blog and sending funny things to two of my girl friends.

For those of you who aren’t following her, well you should start and I’ll tell you why…

  • She loves Britney and Britney loves her too is following her on Twitter! I know she’s not following me, but I did dress up, have people ask to take my picture and see her perform.
  • Her dad “works” at CNN.  This post is a must read.  I was shamelessly laughing out loud at my desk.
  • True Confessions: “I troll the baby blogs of girls I know from college with 50% jealously of their Maclaren strollers and 50% violent disapproval of their life decisions.”
  • The More Things Change: I completely sympathize with not wanting anything to change.  That is, unless I’m doing it first.
  • Rebel Without a Cause. Trust me, read this.  I also forwarded this entry to three friends.
  • She trolls the streets of New York looking for Mary-Kate and Ashley.
  • “I just joined Twitter… I’ve been forced to for “work reasons” because every journalist and publicist in the country is “tweeting” their little faces off. I blame Shaq, Demi Moore and John Mayer.”
  • Censored.
  • We see eye to eye on the whole Chris Brown vs. Rihanna incident.
  • Her insight on Pax always suffering as the forgotten middle child was so dead on.

So if you’re not following I highly recommend.  So funny!




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