I Am Not An Infant...


…but apparently the design team with Forever XXI was inspired by them for their new summer dress line. Being a avid FAN of all things Forever XXI, I was highly disppointed in their dress selection during my visit Saturday. As stated in a previous post, my full shopping endeavor was geared towards DRESSES! That’s all I had my eyes set on. I found a TON of dresses that I fell in love with. The colors. The cuts. Adorable! Wait, one problem though. I held them up to me and they came right to my hiney!! What the heck happened to the rest of the dress. I know long, bare legs are sexy, but I know when to say when! I am not joking….right at my hiney, not even fully covering it to be exact! Now, I know dress fittings may be different for a 5’11” gal with a long torso, but I found the even average height girls holding them up and putting them back down because they were way too short. Other than the few patterned maxi dresses, there was no selection for those ladies who didn’t want it “all” to be out there! I walked out with 2 maxi dresses and a single leg-baring dress. I felt unsatisfied! I NEVER walk out of there with that feeling! Is this is what to expect of my beloved Forever XXI for the summer months to come? …ALL or NOTHING!

I JUST posted on this earlier today! I completely feel ya! I’m just under 5’10” and I’ve bought three dresses from there in the last month. They DO cover my hiney, but I do feel slightly uncomfortable with the shortness. For less $30 I’ll figure something out to make it work!

Have you checked out the site, Lulus.com? Completely affordable and it’s been all over my dashboard. It might be worth the risk of buying online.




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