30 Day Shred- Jillian you are militant but I'm crushing on you


Hi Thinnerthoughts (and anyone else looking to get bikini ready)- Let me tell you…this is the MOST intense 20 minute workout of your life. You are sweating, panting and partially feeling like you might go into cardiac arrest but it WORKS ( I know…20 minutes..how?).

I saw results within a week, but you have to keep with it. I have only been able to go up to Level 2- there are 3 levels. I have recommended it to everyone who wants to shape up and everyone feels the same way. I have weddings and Vegas coming up so I majorly need to get my fitness on.


My bitchen friend Kaila of TheLateBloom has been doing this for almost two months and I thought nothankyou! I’ve decided I don’t really believe in working out because from my own personal past experience I know that I’m a quitter.  *gasp*  I know, right? At least I can admit it!

I have been walking pretty consistently with my Mom and dog for probably 3-4 months and people have taken notice.  People have also really gone wild with this 30 Day Shred.  It’s all over my dashboard, it’s all over Twitter and now.. FINALLY I figure Kaila must know a thing or two if she’s got several of our girl friends doing it now. Laura of HeyMissy is doing it.  Alice is doing it.  Me being the follower I am, couldn’t hold out any longer.

It kicked our butts!  I liked it though,  there isn’t a lot of pressure to do exactly X amount of sit-ups or whatever.  She really encourages you to go at your own pace as long as you keep going.  No breaks.  If you’re thinking, who the fuck needs a break during a twenty minute workout?!, try this and get back to me.  Even the super fit bffs in the back are breaking a sweat, ok?

Thank you Kaila for being one of my inspirations!  I think you’re already 90 day bikini ready, but I know you’re still pushing yourself.  Now I hope to be bikini ready for Aptos. Can’t have you outdoing me all the time you hotbitch!




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