Lucky Duck!

I’m not saying that at the age of 26 you’ve got all your shit figured out, but if you haven’t picked up a few things along the way then you’re missing something.

As I’ve *cough* gotten older I have become a little less selfish more reflective.  Since my most recent breakup I have become so much so that sometimes I am completely distracted during day to day activities.  I’m too busy comparing and contrasting.  Thinking about me then and me now etc.

This evening I had dinner with two of my best girls, my wifey and my single-lady-partner-in-crime.  After dinner we took my pups for a walk around the neighborhood because we’ve all decided, thanks to Kaila, to get fit.  I watched Kaila struggle* to run with Otis and Simone laugh at her efforts. I thought to myself, this is pretty damn great. I know, it’s a little nauseating, but I have some fantastic friends.

Thank you bunnies ;)

*Kaila isn’t so out of shape that she can’t run with a 17lb dog, it’s just that Otis is really fast!




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