New Blog Goal

This just in:

As of minutes ago I decided that life would be so much more grand if I had my very own Derota, but I would call her Geroda (thanks Kaila).

Of course no one really wants to voluntarily sign up to be badgered and perform illegal acts (especially for the immigrant wages I would be paying), but if I could kick up my tumblarity… Photoshop myself with some famous people and start my motivational speaker series (which I’m calling Fuck the world: you are your own boss. Thanks Kendall, I’m stealing that.) THEN maybe I could post an ad here and the emails would flood in?!

My life is pretty fun, my Mom is a really good cook and she could make you just about anything. Work is pretty lame, but I’m sure you could a free lunch here and there. I accept pets and I encourage color coordinated pajamas. Drinking on the job is totally acceptable and you’ll never have to wear a silly maids costume. So my goal is to become so internet famous people WANT me to boss them around because as Kaila just informed me, “I’m not Geroda”.




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