To-do List: ZinFest Edition

  • Go to the grocery store, pick up veggies and stuff to make dip.
  • Make said dip and cut previously mentioned veggies.
  • Wash hair.  Now I know this seems like no big deal, but great hair like this doesn’t just HAPPEN people.  I’m washing it twice, obviously since I still don’t like my semi-permanent color.  Then I must blow dry the bangs, pin them appropriately and apply fabulous product.
  • Bedtime.
  • Wake up.
  • Spray tan right. at. nine.  SInce I won’t be able to shower before the event I want as much set time as possible before dressing and hopefully the smell will dissipate.
  • Style previously mentioned great hair.
  • Drive to the wifey’s work to switch cars.  She is generously letting me borrow her Yukon - which reminds me, I need to make sure I leave her with gas.
  • Apply my face.
  • Pack mine and Oscar’s overnight bags.
  • Dress.
  • Wait on a late Teresa.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something?!


  • Give dog a bath so he will be allowed to come back to Alice’s again.



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