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So I our “friends” (and by “friends” I mean “purveyors of poison” – if only there were a broken heart sign I could click on tumblr in reference to their posts) over at Julia’s Bad Press are stating that this video “endorses slavery.” First of all, it’s nothing like slavery. It’s like preying upon people who have poor decision making skills, but are still competent enough to do manual labor. Quite honestly, those bunnies deserve to be turned into bunny slippers.

Besides, since the people at Julia’s Bad Press have heads filled with cotton, hay and rags, they missed the part where this is THE MOST AWESOME IDEA EVER. I didn’t. My head is filled with brains.

Off to Craigslist I went! “Looking for an intern!” My ad was titled. But then I got stuck. What to write? I have very little to offer that would advance an intern’s career path. “I do cool shit!” I stated and it’s true! Today I went to a movie with some friends! Then we got Thai food! Cool shit like that! “I would like to delegate the un-cool portions of my life to you, so that my life is all cool shit, all the time! Also, my mom thinks I am pretty.”

My two responses were from male submissives, who are willing to do my laundry, grocery shopping and general errands for free. I’m not going to respond because I’m afraid it’s a front and they’d steal my laundry.

Also, I am thinking Julia worded her intern pitch better.

You say intern.  I say Derota.




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