Boys Lie

My sister and I love to dispense all kinds of advice to our little cousin who is currently navigating her way through high school.

#1 on the list is obviously that boy lie. She asked when they stopped lying and every girl in the room (including her mother) shouted “NEVER!”.

Then of course, after listening to Taylor Swift, I explained that if a boy tells you he loves you - it’s a lie. At least at her age. And do not, under any circumstances, have sex with them.

Last week I was reminded of something else, also very important. If a boy asks you “what’s wrong?” it’s similar to a lie. The concern isn’t real, but more likely he’s a) sweet on you or b) just trying to get in your pants. (Or c) both)

The majority of boyfriends and husbands don’t care what’s wrong. That’s just unleashing a beast they’d rather not so why in the hell does a guy who doesn’t have sex with you care what’s wrong?? They think it looks caring and nurturing and they’re trying to strike at a moment of vulnerability!

To recap Lauren, be cautious of men asking “what’s wrong?”. It’s a trick!




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