This is me trying to take a quick pic on my macbook before running out the door for my date tonight.  Trust me this was the best of em.  What’s not seen: my flats.  Key in a date as I am almost 5’ 10”.  Tonight’s date would be lucky to say he was 5’ 8”.

Date in Review:

Not bad, not spectacular.

He was very nice, not bad looking and in general the conversation flowed pretty well. He was sarcastic too (plus), and didn’t seem to mind my giving him a little bit of a hard time.

Nothing jumped out at me in an overall negative way and nothing made me swoon.  He did ask if I wanted to check out the record store across the street which I’ll take as I’m not that bad of a date either.

Thank you to Diana for suggesting Tower Cafe because it was a lovely environment. You seat yourself and the menu had a lot of variety.  We sat at the outdoor patio which is well shaded and they have misters too.  The sangria was also super delicious.  I would definitely go again and I recommend it to any of you locals.

I would definitely go on a second date, but I think we’re already in the friend zone.  I see him as a project.  His social life is lacking and he’s pretty new in town.  This is where I step in and the magic happens.  Hahaha




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