Recycle Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Clothes Edition

I started out today’s hunt through my wardrobe with no particular vision.  Until I came across a white shirt I wanted to pair with my new fabby investment, my brown braided belt.  Pants quickly fell into place, but that white shirt wasn’t working right with my belt.

Oh no!

Searching…searching… tried on two other white dress shirts.  What to do?!  What to do?!  Suddenly, peaking from the back of the closet I see and then remember a particular white dress shirt of MexEx’s that I wore in the winter, layered under a tight vest.

Could I?

I think I could…I think I could.  And I did!  Only because I thought, Jessica would so be okay with something like this.  Once I left the security of my own bedroom and applied my make-up I became slightly concerned that I looked like my fourth grade art teacher, but I braved it anyways.  I took his stupid clothes and made it into something my own.

Now if only I could do just that with all my old boyfriend memories.




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