Last night I made another weak attempt at looking for my favorite bathing suit.  It may be lost forever, but since I have things up in the attic at my parents and down in the basement at Diana’s not all hope is lost.

I searched through all of one container that was in my closet and I found a hidden gem!  Not my bathing suit, but this super cute skirt from J.Crew.  Don’t you love finding surprises like that when you’re on the hunt for something else?  I didn’t buy this skirt, but I vaguely remember my mother giving it to me last year.  I think it was one of my sisters or belonged to one of her friends who didn’t want it anymore.

I wasn’t too hot for the skirt at the time, but now.. it’s a wonderful new treasure!  I’m going to be brave and wear it to work tomorrow.  (I don’t ever wear skirts since the majority of my day is behind a desk - what’s the point.) I’m sorry the pictures really suck, but my camera is still out of commission and photobooth is my only option for the moment.




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