Little Known Fact

The dressers I have had growing up… The same ones that I’ve dragged from apartment to duplex to house throughout my college years…

They’re from my nursery set.

I’m not getting rid of them and I plan to use them in my child’s nursery some day.  I’m very sentimental.  {Some might say pack rat.} My mom, who isn’t one to hang onto much of anything for too long, has kept the matching crib in the garage all these years. Some day when you come over to bathe in my newborn’s amazing beauty I will proudly tell you this furniture was my same furniture when I was this tiny size.

I love that the drawers don’t slide out like they use to because I pulled them all out and would use them as stairs to climb up top.  One of the drawers still has the same drawer lining in it that used to match the nursery wallpaper.  I’m a sap.  Here’s another side of Kyle you might not see as often.

So here’s a little something you probably didn’t know about me.




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