Life Envy


I think Veronica’s comments below are very true.  I think it is because we only want to focus on the good and happy stuff in our lives when it comes to sharing stuff on our blogs.  If it makes anyone feel any better John and I are not speaking right now because of a stupid argument about whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.  And when I say ‘not speaking’ I mean ‘eyes averted not even looking at each other ignoring’.  Rest assured no one’s life is perfect.  But who would want to tune into a blog that just complained about their life all the time?!


Dollface and I had an email conversation just now about life envy.
This is what she had to say:

I have the same issues. I sometimes feel the same when I look at your blog
and some of your blog friends. My life is so questionable and others so
fresh and clean and pretty. I am going to work on coining a phrase that
refers to how shifty one feels after spending too much time checking out
other people’s lives online. Then I am going to register and trademark that
phrase, then become rich and beautiful and live the life of those I see
online. I am going to get right onto that (and the washing) as soon I
finish reading some more scenes from my hood.

It’s sad that we feel this way, I know. But sometimes you just can’t help it.
We all know that it’s usually only the good things in our lives we blog about, but it gets hard to remember when you spend all day watching edited versions of people’s lives.
I know Kate in particular is passionate about sharing the good bad and the ugly, but the rest of us?

As an aside, I think Dollface needs to start her own blog…

So true.




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