Rule of five.



They say you only need five friends in your life to be happy. Really good, time- tested and mutually respectful friends fill the bill. Okay. I actually believe that. They also say that the five people you spend most of your time with have the greatest influence upon you, and shaping who you are and become. Therefore, the company you keep directly reflects the company you give. So, if you admire a person and yearn to covet some of their attributes the best thing you can do is just be around them. Likewise, you may play that role for someone else.

I feel like there is a balance one must find in time given and taken by those around us. My social circle certainly expands out beyond five people, but I must say, I have been more discerning in who I give real time to. By all means, keep yourself open- you never know who will come into your life- just remember to check Β in with yourself and ask, β€œWho are my five?”

I truly believe this. And I think we’ve all gone through this at one point or another where we ask ourselves if this person(s) is someone who adds value to our lives. I know that I’ve made some difficult choices, but now I do have a great circle of friends.




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