What I Wore Organization: Tights


WhatIWore: I’ve really been embracing tights for the past three years. By spending a little extra money on (up to $30/pair) quality brands (no snags) I’ve built up a collection of over 25 pair.

I organize them by color and tie them onto hangers to easily see them in my closet. When I pick out an outfit I’ll style it all the way to the hosiery and then retie them to the hanger of the new look.

Its also a good way to see what you already have (and have clean!!)

Some brands I have worn and really liked include:

  • Look from London
  • HUE (available at Macy’s and carried by Anthropologie)
  • We Love Colors (every shade under the sun)
  • Target

For ideas on how to style colored and patterned tights, check out this post.

I have a major blog crush on Jessica.  Gotta reblog from her. ;) Plus, I’m on a major tights kick right now.  I can’t wait to rework aaaaall my dresses for the cooler weather. This is also a great suggestion to store my new purchases.  More practical than lumping them in a heap at the bottom of a drawer.




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