I had almost forgotten one of my old custom dress standbys, Chloe & Reese, when they sent me an email today about their new line of bridesmaid dresses.

Since Britt’s fiancee Allie will be here to look at wedding gowns October 24-25 (we’re going to Kleinfeld bridal together!), I figured I would also take her to Chloe & Reese to check out the colors, fabrics and styles of possible ‘maids gear.

Of course, since I was checking out the site I decided to email them about something I’ve wanted for years - a full length, high-waisted red tartan skirt I can wear for the family Christmas Candlelight dinner at the University Club.  It’s custom, so it takes at least a month to make and every year I forget to plan in advance.  Oh, no.  Not this year.  This year I am ON TOP OF MY GAME.  Well.  Check in with me December 1st.

Maybe if I’m really good I’ll get Allie a matching tartan dress!  And my dad & brother matching tartan ties!  And my mom a matching tartan blouse!  And! AND! .. oh.

Sorry, what?  You know how I feel about matching.  I. just. love. it.  And there is no rational reason why, exactly.  But it makes me happy.  Even with those Gosselin kids match I sort of smile, although half-wince because, well …  Jon.  But the matching!  The matching is what makes that show worthwhile.  Um … anyway.

Hey Malia do you think Laurel could get her dad to buy us THESE because I’d love to look like a cupcake on your special day ;)




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