Martha Stewart “Harvest Spice” bouquet from 800-Flowers

So, I just sent Randi & Brent a flower arrangement to thank them for hosting me last weekend at their home, which of course arrived just as Randi got to LA to speak at the Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference.  Luckily, Brent’s a confident man who doesn’t feel his masculinity is threatened if he admits that he appreciates a good bloom.  ;)

Honestly, I’ve received flowers only once this year, and it totally made my week.  I’m not sure exactly why people think arrangements are just for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or your birthday, because unexpected flowers are the absolute best kind.  I sent my grandmother, mother and college roommate arrangements the week AFTER Valentine’s Day this year, and they went absolutely crazy with joy.  (My grandmother updated me daily on the status of the bouquet.  Seriously.  She was that happy about it.)

Just remember: flowers are most effective paired with psychological tricks - intermittent reinforcement, unanticipated rewards. Don’t just send them when everyone else does (the aforementioned holidays), and definitely don’t just send them when you’ve massively screwed up - although that probably couldn’t hurt.  You don’t want flower arrangements to be inexorably associated with you being a dick, you know?

Speaking of dicks, you don’t just have to be male to send flowers, either (sorry, sorry, I just had to use that transition. Couldn’t help myself.).  Although, guys, please, try it out once in a while.  I’m not sure if it’s a Facebook Generation thing, but I almost never receive flowers from the men I date in their twenties (slightly more often from the guys in their thirties).  Listen: no woman in the history of the world has ever complained about her significant other surprising her with flowers, and if for some reason you did manage to find the one cranky bitch who didn’t appreciate your thoughtful gesture, you should dump her and date me instead.

Bottom Line: Go send someone flowers, right now.

(PS. Great holiday gift alert: monthly flower arrangements for a year.  I’m not sure anything but monthly cupcake deliveries would make me as happy.)

I heart you Julia.




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