Why do ex-boyfriends exist?

I find the whole idea of ex-boyfriends completely annoying.

Most times I like to walk away from anyone I date, love etc and stick my head in the sand as though they know longer exist.  I’d like to think that your life ceases to exist the moment I am no longer in it and that works for me. This recent ex-boyfriend who has been rearing his ugly head in the most annoying ways… Drunk texts, asking about my family, swapping a shared recipe - ANNOYING!

What I find even more annoying is that I had to see this douche bag tonight with his “best girl friend” and he acted completely stunned.  Don’t text me about “our show” and act like some sort of bridge is being mended… And then not even have the courtesy to say hello and be polite in a huge group setting.

I honestly don’t understand how people maintain a friendship with exes and whether those who do - are they even legitimate?  I seriously doubt it.

What’s even funnier is that I love my life.  I have great friends, a fantastic roommate, I love where I’m living.  Dating him seems like a LIFETIME ago.  I can’t believe that we were together less than 9 months ago.  I had a relationship three years ago that seems more real and is still hard, but I do not miss #2 at all.  I just think it comes down to her.  Her being there is what made things weird tonight.  She is about the only regret I have with him.  Letting our relationship be a power struggle and in the end I lost because I forfeited.

Oh well.  It will pass as all things do.  She got her cheater and I have my pride. :)




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