Cupcake Taste Test Challenge


WhatIWore: Just a week ago, I got an e-mail from Crumbs Bake Shop asking if I’d like to do a taste test and post on some of their cupcakes… although its not my normal thing, I like sweets so I thought I would give it a try. This Tuesday, my sweet six (plus a half a dozen wedding cupcakes!!!) arrived and we could not wait to get tasting! (And in reference to the above photo, I know I look a little possessed! The excitement was getting to me!)

Armed with a notepad for scoring and camera for documenting we got started. We both agree, hands down, these are the best cupcakes we’ve ever eaten. Each flavor was incredible moist. Here are our comments on each:

Raspberry Swirl - Adam’s Favorite, Jessica’s Runner Up

  • Jelly, Icing and Cake flavors all go together well
  • Adam says “Jelly tastes fresh, way better than in a jelly donut”
  • Simple Presentation
  • Surprise inside: Yes

Cappuccino - Jessica’s Favorite, Adam’s Runner Up

  • We were both speechless after our first bite, REALLY GOOD (actually Adam said this was his favorite after eating it, but changed his mind to Raspberry Swirl because its “more his thing”
  • The coffee flavored icing tastes like good coffee smells
  • Complimentary Flavors
  • Baby Chocolate Chips on top
  • Surprise inside: Yes

Red Velvet

  • One of Adam’s top 3
  • Sprinkles on top made it too sugary for me
  • Good if you like Red Velvet (says Adam, I just don’t like the flavor in general)
  • Surprise inside: No


  • Beautiful Presentation
  • I liked the mint frosting, Adam didn’t
  • VERY chocolaty (a little too much chocolate for us actually)
  • Surprise inside: Yes


  • In both our top 3
  • Not too sweet (I had the second half for breakfast later on)
  • Hint of orange
  • Adam’s favorite frosting
  • Surprise Inside: Yes

Apple Caramel

  • Reminded us both of Apple Spice Cake
  • Wish there was more caramel (frosting?)
  • Cake is more like a muffin
  • Would be a nice partner to the Pumpkin
  • Surprise Inside: Yes

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