Work Schmerk

I went back to work today after four glorious days off!  The days just flew by for me as I’m sure they did for you as well.  Family to see, dinners to eat, and presents to exchange. It all sounds very glamourous, but really, it’s tiring!  Tell me I’m wrong.

This adorable…thing.. adorned one of my late birthday presents from a friend who was unable to make it to my birthday festivities.  The gift on the inside was even more adorable than the outside decor!  My high school bestie got me an apron from Anthropologie!  That store has some of the greatest finds and for the prices it’s no wonder they come up with the most creative packaging.

Now I have to come up with a creative use for it - I’m thinking headband…belt…necklace.  We’ll see!

I finally gave my bedroom the very neccessary attention it needed.  Organized my shoes {I got five new pairs between Christmas and my birthday}, ironed some work clothes, threw away things in the back of my closet and freed up the other side of the bed {for no one}.

I also made time for this handsome guy who needed a bath.  I have a suspicion that a certain schnauzer exposed him to fleas.  I gave him Advantage last week so until he can have it again - flea shampoo!  Oh the wild lives we lead! ;)




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