Status Update

For those of you who read this blog because of all the fabulous events I attend, celebrities I meet and my average wardrobe…** Well you’re in for a change.

Things might be getting a little more quiet here because of some seriously needed New Year’s resolutions.  And although I’m always one to put everything out there, I’m not quite ready to detail out my resolutions.

I will tell you that I watched ‘Yes Man’ the other night and I realized I was a yes woman in 2009.  I was single for the first time since my senior year of high school so why the hell not?!  I said yes to pretty much every social invitation and I drove all over my fabulous state. Saying yes, though, is not cheap.  Which brings up a whole other resolution, but another time.

Expect less dressing up, full glasses of wine {okay, they’ll be half full and twice as many} and crazy tweets.  There will be more nesting, photos of Oscar, baking and DIY projects.  Hope you all stick around because I enjoy all your comments, likes and reblogs.

Have a great weekend!

**I’m kidding, I know nothing I do is overly extraordinary.  I have to talk big though.




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