I did a whole lot of this tonight.  I can’t remember the last time I had an entire weekend open.  COMPLETELY free of any obligations.  It was pretty freaking fantastic!  I watched four episodes of Criminal Minds, cleaned up my blog, joined some sites and discovered new blogs.  {I guess that isn’t nothing, but it’s FREE.}

I also surfed a lot of web tonight and caught some pretty sweet waves. Lame analogy? Sorry, won’t happen again soon. ANYWAYS - I love when I come across new blogs and I instantly fall in love.  I’m jealous of their layouts, their creativity or they take great photographs and I delve far back into their archieves.  It was a lucky week because I bookmarked four new blogs!

1. iCiNG 2. Mrs. Lilien - Styling House 3. {create*love} 4. Bluebird Vintage

Each of these blogs are amazing in different ways, but I saw something of myself in each of them.  Or at least something I want to be or achieve in each of their blogs.  The quickest way to get me to love you is to get me to say or think “ME TOO!”.

And lastly, before I forget… My last Christmas present showed up last week right before we left for Tahoe!  My wifey, Simone, got me these fantastic galoshes that you will be seeing a lot of!

IF you’re still not following me on Weardrobe then I can’t help you, but you should.  At least check it out even if you’re not ready to join.




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