Today was a day of errands.  I raked up leaves flowers because our “bush” drops buds like crazy.  The funny thing is, I really love raking.  Is there a chore you love - one that’s not a chore?

Oscar being his nosey self.  He doesn’t help, but he is always there - inserting himself.

This may not look like much to you, but THIS my friends is extra storage.  Yesterday there was one shelf and today there are two!  I love our little palace, but when I say little I am meaning literally. There is a shortage of space in our little home, but we’re making the most of every inch.

My ever so wonderful father came over yesterday to start what I assumed was a small task, but I guess there is no such thing when it comes to household improvements.

After I went to IKEA, Michael’s, Cost Plus and the grocery store I picked up this handsome devil on the left.  The three of us taken up a permanent residence here on the couch watching bad movies this evening.




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