FORMSPRING(aka the place to put your info)

Link: FORMSPRING(aka the place to put your info)


It’s that time of year again… yes, I’m talking about Valentines day. Are you single? Are you married? Do you think Valentines day is just an excuse to get cheap candy? Do you like sending fun things to people you don’t know? Do you like getting cards in the mail?  If you answered yes to at least the last two questions, and you’re willing to send 5 cards to random strangers…. fill the form out, get five peoples addresses and send out some Valentines!

It works like this: You give me your email, your name, and your snail mail address. Then, I email your address to 5 random people, annnnd email you 5 random peoples addresses. After that, you (and others) go out on an epic quest to find cute cards… for Valentine’s day… and then you send them. And then, you get five back.

It’s pretty easy, yeah? And hey, who said Valentines day had to be all about romantic love? I mean, really, batman cards are so awesome - who wouldn’t want to get one in the mail?

And, just so everyone is aware, the only people who will see your address are myself, and the five people who send to you. I know I’m using formspring to collect the address, but I will not answer and they will stay private. I will also delete addresses as soon as March 1st comes around. Why wait that long? Just incase someone loses their people. ^^

If you have questions, concerns, comments or formspring didn’t work go ahead and email me at or find me as twomoremiracles on tumblr and twitter.

I’m definitely interested… I LOVE valentine’s cards :)




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