DIY: Pom Pom Wreath

My Mom was worried that I might be dead this weekend because I didn’t blog?!  I’m still sticking it out at home, spending less money by curbing a lot of my activities.  As a result I’ve been pouring over all my regular blogs which are then taking me to new fun blogs.

I am seeing pom poms EVERYWHERE! Made with tissue or yarn or felt and all equally cute!  It was hard not to completely lose my mind at Michael’s.  I already had the wreath base from a previous, unfinished DIY project and it was partially covered in ribbon.  I spaced them out and added all the pom poms.  I used Martha’s tutorial for the napkin ring, but as you get more comfortable you can stray away from the dimensions she set out.  Most of mine were around the 10x5 size, but I did a couple larger ones as well.

I have NO idea how Martha cuts a neatly rounded edge to her accordion tissue!  She must have some amazingly sharp scissors, but for the rest of us - you’ll probably end up with a pile of tissue scraps like me.  Don’t feel bad.





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