I’ve had my tweets protected for some time now and I completely hate it.  My followers came to a staggering halt, I don’t connect with new, cool people anymore and I couldn’t keep a feed here on my blog.  I’m sure you’re thinking, if you hate it then why do it. Good question.

It appeared a certain someone(s) was keeping tabs on my timeline and since I can’t control who reads my blog {they were doing that too, ALOT} I was extremely irritated with this one way street.  That street being Someoneihate Wy. and them bein all up in my sh*t.  So I closed the padlock on my timeline for a good long while, but I think it’s time to break free.  They may very well be reading this now and you know what, I don’t care.  Get a life so you don’t have to obsess over mine.

If you’re fun, Britney obsessed and enjoy the occasional cupcake then come follow my tweets!  I promise it will be totally awesome actually I can’t promise that.  It will probably be more like average fun, but better then the dentist!




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