Who's Who

Okay, okay, for anyone hating on blogging THIS is proof that I know what’s up!  Or at least I make blogging look so uber-cool that everyone else wants to get in on this par-TAY!

Four of my friends have recently joined the blogging masses and I’d like all of you to give them the warmest welcome :)

  • Life According to Lindsey The last girl I thought I’d EVER see start a blog! She teaches 5th grade and some of the stories she brings home are priceless.  I have no doubt that there will be longer study periods so she can blog from her iPhone. ;) I hope those brats don’t bust you!
  • Big Apple, Tiny Apartment Ellen is not new to blogging, but she’s a recent Tumblr convert.  She’s definitely one to watch as she is creating a whole life on the east coast, in NY city!  I really hope she runs into Julia Allison ;)
  • Adventures of Mrs. Awesome Kristen has made a couple attempts at blogging before, but I think she’s finally found her niche over at Blogspot *GASP* I know, but I ♥ her anyways.  Kristen obviously lives up to her name because she’s just received a blogger award!  CONGRATULATIONS!
  • Simply Alice Anne Alice has been plotting her big blog unveil for months and months. Carefully choosing the right name, the best theme and patiently waiting for Christmas to come - hoping that Santa would surprise her with a shiny new MacBook.  Well SantaBrad did not disappoint this year and here she is!

Now friends, please follow them so they feel super cool and therefore you’ll make me look totally VIP for hooking them up with so many new followers.  I promise I’ll do something nice for all of you.  I can’t send each of you cupcakes, but I could post some cupcake porn?  Hook a girl up and have a great Friday!!




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