Here I am!

For each of my followers my sincerest apologies on being so incredibly LAME these last few weeks!  I may have been posting little snippets here and there, but nothing of real interest I’m sure.  I didn’t tell you about talking with my ex (he still has some of my things - UM underwear?!).  Or my sexy Valentine’s plan (Kaila and I hit up a new club). And I’ve been baking regularly too.  The last time I even loaded up any pictures from my camera was more than 3 weeks ago!  THREE WEEKS!  That’s ridiculous for me.

Honestly, I’m a little bitter with tumblr for losing an emotional post in my queue.  It just disappeared the morning it was set to post.  I’ve been pretty grouchy in general and I’m sure that’s not anything you guys want to read about.  You have your own shit to deal with - who wants to hear anyone else’s whining.  I wouldn’t.

I have DIY post I’m working on for you as well.  Here’s a little preview.  I made this garland for Valentine’s Day, but you can make yourselves one for St. Patrick’s Day or Easter.  The world is your oyster :)

It’s starting to look like winter might actually end here in the 916!  I do love the winter, but I’m excited to fun and flirty dresses.  Kaila bought us some beautiful daffodils for the Palace.  I told her the other night that I wanted to buy fresh flowers, but knew they wouldn’t last before I got them home.  Isn’t she a sweet roomie, she listens!?

I also made another successful find on Craigslist for my sister Kendall.  My cute Dad has already taken out the DVD shelf and set her up with a clothing rod.  I’ve heard that people have become addicted to ebay.  They love the thrill of the chase and the find.  I might be a bit addicted to Craigslist. :) That’s normal right?

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend.  I’m going to be pulling my head out of the sand and you’ll be seeing more of me on here.  Keep up the likes, comments, emails etc  I appreciate it all :)




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