GK Factoids

The awesome Julie has been asking her readers to pitch in our own facts in response to her Factual Monday post.  For the last few weeks I can never think of anything that might win me the top spot, but tonight I’m sharing a little sumpin sumpin anyways:

  1. When I was in high school I was arrested cited for petty theft.  I paid my time, but the evidence is still kept safely in a box at the bottom of my closet.  I bring it out to impress potential suitors. ;)
  2. I’ve already worn a wedding dress.  Down the aisle of a cathedral.  I was 18.  I’ve never been married. {chew on that}
  3. People driving down the road with their blinker on for no apparent reason drive me batty.  I will pass them just so I don’t have to witness their mindless stupidity a moment longer.
  4. I have never met another girl named Kyle.  People tell me they exist, but I like to think I’m one of a kind. ;) When I was little I wished I were a Britney or Crystal - now I love it!
  5. I once had a “friend” who claimed to be lactose intolerant, but drank her Starbucks with non fat milk. {ummm it’s non FAT, not non lactose} One day they screwed up the order, I took a sharpie out of my bag - wrote the ‘NF’ in the box on the cup and gave it to her anyways. Guess what?  She didn’t get sick.  Liar.

That was fun!  I might have to do it again next week :)




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