Disney restyles 'Rapunzel' to appeal to boys

Link: Disney restyles 'Rapunzel' to appeal to boys

To me it sounds like Disney isn’t confident enough that kids (not just boys) will be attracted to the film if they know it’s based on a fairy tale they’ve seen or heard of before. Seems to me like they’re more interested in appealing to a child’s sense of wanting something new, original and unique, then they are going after the kind of built-in audience a name like Rapunzel would bring — a move that goes against everything we’ve seen from Hollywood these past few years, but maybe that’s just Disney’s way of selling you something you’ve already bought. They’re masters at that.

Then again, this isn’t all that surprising — a big reason why Disney acquired Marvel was so they’d have more properties that would appeal to boys. They also probably look at all of Pixar’s success and attribute some of it to the fact that all of their films have starred male protagonists. And that’s all fine and dandy; I understand Disney already makes a killing off their princesses and those types of films, but is it really smart to start de-girling your movies in the hopes that boys will be interested? Doesn’t that feel like a giant step backwards?

Confession: I heart Disney movies.  I think the new name is dumb.  Sorry.




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