St. Patrick's Day Warmup

A group of went out on Saturday as part of an annual pub crawl.  Last year was my first time going.

Malia, Kaila and I drove over to pick up Amber and Ginger before heading downtown to meet up with everyone.  We met Amber while under the influence in Tahoe for NYE. Ginger is her little brother’s girlfriend.  Sweetest girl!

With my beautiful roomie right after leaving the first bar and heading to the second. We only made it to three, but that’s a crawl right?

It was a truly special night because “Grandma and Grandpa” or Diana and Mike actually came out and joined us.  Here with Diana’s cousin Michelle who is thinking of moving to Folsom.  I think I tormented her all night demanding that she not move to Folsom, but downtown if she wanted a future social life.

Did I mention that these three put me to shame and we’re out well past my 1am{ish} bedtime?

Probably my favorite photo from the whole evening.  A broken plastic princess crown is ALWAYS a tragedy.  It was nice of Amber to feel Malia’s pain.

Awwwe.. look how happy I was!

Things that I was told the following morning:

  1. I kissed Randy.  Just a pec.  Don’t fret.  {Thanks Malia}
  2. Michelle changed shirts with a lesbian in the bathroom.  The lesbian was on a second date with another girl.
  3. I told Simone she could leave me in the park and I could call my Dad to come pick me up. {I was whining - ALOT}
  4. I tried to pawn Randy off on a cougar.  She didn’t even buy his drink.
  5. I friend requested Michelle on Facebook. {Something I NEVER do} And told her if she didn’t accept me I would hate her forever or something to that effect.

Conclusion: Maybe only ONE flask is necessary on Wednesday?




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