Perks to Being Single

…This is not one of them.

I know there are plenty of couples out there that have stories about meeting through mutual friends.  How he saw her tagged on a friend of his Facebook photo and thought she was hot or soandsos mom called her mom and he was new in town blah, blah, blah…  I am not one of these success cases.

I guess I should be flattered that people think I’m pretty enough to refer me to someone they know and enjoy, BUT it’s not that flattering.  The latest “set-up” is through a coworker, a salesman, who has been with the company for less than 3 months I think.  I don’t know him in a personal matter at all.  He’s the one that asked me this.

Since that awkward conversation he has continued relentlessly; telling me this Guy has looked up my photo on the company website and asked to be set up with me.  This to me was the first lie because if you saw that picture you would not be asking to date me. Then he said he’d bring in a picture of him on his phone.  I insisted that was only fair. I can never help but get somewhat hopeful with these things regardless of past experience.  

He brought in the picture.  On his phone.  He doesn’t even have a BlackBerry OR an iPhone. How in the hell was I supposed to tell what this guy looked like when the photo was the size of a postage stamp?!

Let’s fast forward shall we?  Facebook was mentioned.  Friendship was requested and accepted {begrudgingly}. He was supposed to just send me a message!  Kaila made me. He has photos of club invites like myspace style, an anti-war rally video posted and discussing political anything is really not my style. Then he messaged me on Facebook messenger which is seriously the worst invention ever.  I hate it.  I always have so many tabs open that I miss someone’s message and it’s always those “friends” whom I accepted as to not be confrontational.  He used ttyl at the end of our brief conversation.  TTYL?! From a man?  Turn-off.  So needless to say - nothanks!

{p.s. how long do I have to wait to delete him?}




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